A History of India Book PDF 2021 by Wiley Publication

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A History of India Book PDF 2021 by Wiley Publication is a popular book for any government exams in India. Now in this article, we will give you a direct link to download A History of India Book PDF 2021.

A History of India Book PDF 2021 by Wiley Publication Details:

PART I   1

1              Introduction       7

The Physical Setting        8

The Social Setting             14

Resituating Communities and States        21

Historian’s Choice            35


Chronology         38

2              Ancient Days      39

The Pre-formation of Indian Civilization  39

Vedic Culture     46

Political and Religious Developments      53

Religion in the Later Vedic Period              59

The Nature of the Mauryan Kingdom       68

Towards the Classical Pattern     75

Early Hinduism  79

Developments in the South         84

The Age of the Early Empires       85

The Gupta Classical Pattern         90

The Classical Pattern Elaborated and EXtended: the South             96




Chronology         104

3              Medieval India  105

Introduction       105

Medieval Kingdoms        110

The Role of the Southern Kingdoms         124

The Advent of Islam        129

The Indian Development of Islam              138

The Deccan and the South            146

Vijayanagara      147

States and Communities               150

4              Early Modern India          155

Introduction       155

The Mughal Empire         159

The Wars of the Mughal Succession         171

The Last Act of the Mughals        179

The Maratha Moment   185

The Shadow of Europe   193

5              The East India Company 196

Introduction       196

The Joint Trajectory of Development      201

The Company Perpetuates the Past         211

The Emergence of a New Order 215

Mutiny and Revolt           222

Late Company Rule         223


Chronology         226

6              The Crown Replaces the Company            227

The Contemporary State              227

After the Mutiny              229

The Rule of the Raj          239

The Political Economy of the Late Nineteenth Century    247

Cultural Change, Education and New Classes       253

The Politicization of Class, Caste and Gender       262

7              Towards Freedom           274

Two Types of Nationalism             274

Early Congress and Its Adversaries           277

War, Sacrifice and Mass Political Mobilization      287

Imperialism’s ParadoXical Enemy              289

The First Campaigns        294


Between Campaigns       299

Conditions for a New Politics       306

8              Gandhi’s Triumph            308

Civil Disobedience           308

The Left in Politics            325

The Right Prevails            332

War and the Last Act Begins        338

The Bitter Victory of Partition     348

9              New States, Old Nations                357

Territorial Passage           357

The Promises of Independence  358

Pakistan in Parallel           368

The Green Revolution: Promise of Plenty              376

Environmental Problems, Old and New  377

The Condition of Women: Broken Promises         384

Communal Politics: Shattered Pluralism 388

India and the World        393

Promises Kept, Promises Broken               396

10           Another India    398

The Nehruvian Consensus            399

Eroding Consensus          402

Failure on the Left           406

Hindu Nationalism           409

Rise of the Hindu Right  410

Economic Liberalization 413

The Indian State               417

Notes    421

Glossary of Non-English Terms   425

Further Reading                430

Index    435


A History of India Book PDF 2021 highlight:

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd

Genre: History

Pages: 468

Format: PDF

Size: 4.03MB

A History of India Book PDF 2021

Buy Now at Low Cost – 779/-

The Brief History of India by Danielou Alain:

Explores historical occurrences from each major time period starting with the first appearance of man 30,000 years ago

• Couples the clarity and perspective of an outsider with the unique and specific knowledge of an insider

• By the internationally recognized Hindu scholar and translator of The Complete Kama Sutra (200,000 copies sold) Alain Daniélou approaches the history of India from a new perspective–as a sympathetic outsider, yet one who understands the deepest workings of the culture. Because the history of India covers such a long span of time, rather than try to create an exhaustive chronology of dates and events, Daniélou instead focuses on enduring institutions that remain constant despite the ephemeral historical events that occur. His selections, synthesis, and narration create a thoroughly engaging and readable journey through time, with a level of detail and comprehensiveness that is truly a marvel.

Because of the continuity of its civilization, its unique social system, and the tremendous diversity of cultures, races, languages, and religions that exist in its vast territory, India is like a history museum. Its diverse groups maintained their separate identities and never fully supplanted the culture and knowledge of their predecessors.

Even today one may encounter in India primitive Stone Age people whose technology has remained at what is considered prehistoric levels. Thus Daniélou’s examination of India reveals not only the diversity and historical events and trends of that country but also the history of all mankind.

Through Daniélou’s history of India, we learn from whence we came, what we have discovered over the years in the fields of science, arts, technology, social structures, religions, and philosophical concepts, and what the future may hold for us.

A History of India Book PDF 2021 by Wiley Publication Download Now


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