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Haryana GK PDF is important for all Upcoming exams in Haryana. Haryana GK PDF Free Download Link for the latest version is ready to download.


Haryana samanya Gyan Part 1-10 of Haryana GK in Hindi is currently being read. There are eight sections to our Haryana samanya Gyan sequence. The links to the other sections are given below if you have not yet read them.

Both sections of Haryana GK in Hindi are available here.

Haryana GK PDF Free Download

Haryana GK PDF Free Study Notes 2021: Haryana’s Important Facts! Important details about Haryana, such as the bordering states, official language, divisions, population, population density, sex-ratio, literacy rate, smallest district, largest district, state bird, state tree, state flower, state animal, dams, important personalities, and so on, are covered in this article. General Knowledge 2021 

Important Facts about Haryana:

  • The meaning of the word Haryana is the Forest land of Hari. The earliest reference to ‘Hariana’ occurs in a Sanskrit inscription dated 1328 AD kept in Delhi Museum, which refers to this region as The heaven on earth, indicating that it was fertile and relatively peaceful at that time. 
  • Haryana is the 20th state of India carved out from Punjab in 1966
  • Haryana borders 5 states (Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan)
  • It surrounds the National Capital from its 3 sides.
  • Haryana is home to the largest number of Rural Crorepatis in India.
  • Hindi is the official language of the state.
  • There is a total of 22 districts in the state and 6 divisions.
  • Rohtak is the largest division in terms of its area
  • It is the 17th largest populated state in India with a total population of 2.5421 crores
  • The Population Density of the state is 577
  • The Sex Ratio of the state in 877 (2011 census), worst among all states in India
  • Child Sex Ratio is 950 girl child for every 1000 male children.
  • It is the 20th largest state in India in terms of its area – 44,211 square km.
  • The literacy rate of the state is 75.5%. it ranks 15 among all states in terms of education.
  • It has the second-highest per capita income in the country and it is one of the wealthier states of India.
  • Sirsa district is the largest district in terms of area.
  • Smallest district – Panchkula
  • Biggest Village – Sisai, Hisar district
  • Richest Village – Wazirabad, Gurugram
  • Largest Railway station – Rewari Junction
  • Biggest Bus Station – Jhajjar
  • Faridabad is the largest city in the state.
  • The district with the highest population in Faridabad.
  • Haryana is the first state in India to achieve 100 % rural electrification.
  • Haryana contributes to the maximum export of Basmati rice in India.
  • State Bird – Black Francolin
  • State Tree – Peepal
  • State Flower – Lotus
  • State Animal – BlackBuck
  • Karoh Peak is the highest peak of the state.
  • The only river which flows through this state is Ghaggar.
  • The battles from Mahabharat to Panipat were fought in this land.
  • Nizampur-Narnaul-Mohindergarh-Dadri-Bhiwani-Hansi-Barwala-Tohana-Munak is the longest state highway in Haryana.
  • Damdama Lake is the largest lake in Haryana
  • Bhakra Dam is the highest dam in Haryana
  • 22nd District- Charkhi Dadri

Haryana GK PDF Free Download

The economy of Haryana:

Gross State Domestic Product

  • Contributes 3.6 % to India’s GDP
  • At constant prices – Rs. 165385.26
  • At current prices – Rs, 257792.62
  • Growth Rate – 13 %

Net State Domestic Product:

  • At constant prices – Rs. 149568.01
  • At current prices – Rs. 23309.7

Per Capita Income:

  • At constant prices – Rs. 59188
  • At current prices – Rs. 92327

FDI Inflow: – US dollar 70 billion (between 2000 to July 2017)


  • Foodgrains production – 166.29 lakh tones (wheat – 116; rice – 52; Sugarcane – 60; Oilseeds – 10, etc )
  • Consumption of Fertilizers – 13.6 lakh tones
  • Number of tractors – 2.63 lakhs

Corporation :

  • Sugar Mills -11
  • Primary land development Banks – 19
  • of primary cooperative marketing societies – 71

Food and Supplies 

  • Fair Price Shops – 9375
  • Wheat procured – 68.91 lakh tonnes
  • Paddy procured – 28.82 tonnes


  • Length of metalled roads – 38,499 km
  • Villages connected by metalled Roads – 6764 km
  • It was the first state in the country to introduce luxury video coaches.
  • Fleet strength of roadways – 3469


  • MSMEs – 82248 (registered)
  • Large and medium scale units – 1357
  • Exports – Rs. 44,250 crore


  • of Tourism Complexes – 43
  • of Tourists visiting in a year – 31 lakh (app.)


The minerals which are present in the state of Haryana are Coal; Dolomite; Feldspar; Iron Ore; Kaolin; Limestone; Sulphur; Quartz, etc.


Haryana GK PDF Free Download 2021 Click Here

We have added the latest PDF of the Haryana GK for Free from the below link but you can know such other important things about Haryana GK for upcoming exams. As we all know about the current Covid 19 situation, all exams almost postponed but keep your study on. After overcoming this situation we can expect a good environment.

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