Wren and Martin PDF [High School English Grammar & Composition]

Wren and Martin PDF is here to download. High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin PDF is important for any competitive exams.

English grammar and composition of Wren and Martin high school PDF Book is one of the common and widely used English grammar books. It allows students to understand the concept and use of English easily and also provides comprehensive information on the language.

Wren and Martin English Grammar PDF

Wren and Martin PDF [High School English Grammar & Composition] details :

  • Book Name – wren and martin English grammar pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Author–  Rao N,D,V,Prasada and N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • Size– Mb
  • Page-  384
  • Subject–  English Grammar
  • Language– English
  • Publication– S Chand Publishing

Review of the Wren and Martin PDF Book

  • It offers new material focused on the new developments in English structure analysis and use.
  • The book provides extensive language knowledge.
  • It offers many ways to learn and communicate effectively in English.
  • It is one of the best-selling English grammar books.

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Wren and Martin PDF, English Grammar & Composition High School is a book that gives readers insights into many important aspects of English grammar.

The Book Summary of Wren and Martin PDF Book:

English Grammar & Composition is one of the most popular reference guides in India for learning English grammar. This is part of Wren and Martin’s series of books and includes an extensive grammar analysis. This grammar book was first published in 1935 and is now widely used in many schools throughout Pakistan, India and Burma.

This book was divided into two parts with a total of 84 pages. The first part deals with grammar and the second with composition. Some chapters include Sentence Synthesis, Conjunction, Direct and Indirect Talk, Adverbial Comparison and Nun: Sorts of Nuns. The content of this book was heavily inspired by J. C. Nestfield’s Handbook of Grammar and Composition.

Throughout this book, authors discussed fundamental grammar elements such as sentence formation, subject- and predicate identification, verbs, the use of adjectives including nouns, relative pronouns and many more. The readers would also have insights into an essay, autobiographies, letters and tales. English Grammar & Composition High School includes a variety of grammar and composition exercises that enable readers to test themselves in every respect.

Wren and Martin Book PDF Contents:

Book I. Grammar

  • The Sentence
  • Subject And Predicate
  • The Phrase And The Clause
  • Parts Of Speech
  • The Noun: Kinds Of Nouns
  • The Noun: Gender
  • The Noun: Number
  • The Noun: Case
  • The Adjective
  • Comparison Of Adjectives
  • Adjectives Used As Nouns
  • Position Of The Adjectives
  • The Correct Use Of Some Adjectives
  • Articles
  • Personal Pronouns
  • Reflexive And Emphatic Pronouns
  • Demonstrative, Indefinite And Distributive Pronouns
  • Relative Pronouns
  • Interrogative Pronouns
  • The Verb
  • Verbs Of Incomplete Predication
  • Active And Passive Voice
  • Mood
  • Tenses: Introduction
  • The Uses Of The Present And Past Tenses
  • The Future
  • The Verb: Person And Number
  • The Infinitive
  • The Participle
  • The Gerund
  • Irregular Verbs
  • Auxiliaries And Modals
  • Conjugation Of The Verb Love
  • The Adverb
  • Comparison Of Adverbs
  • Formation Of Adverbs
  • Position Of Adverbs
  • The Preposition
  • Words Followed By Prepositions
  • The Conjunction
  • Some Conjunctions And Their Uses
  • The Interjection
  • The Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech

Book II. Composition

Part I: Analysis, Transformation and Synthesis

  • Analysis Of Simple Sentences
  • Phrases
  • Clauses
  • Sentences: Simple, Compound And Complex
  • More About Noun Clauses
  • More About Adjective Clauses
  • More About Adverb Clauses
  • Analysis Of Complex Sentences (Clause Analysis)
  • Analysis Of Compound Sentences (Clause Analysis)
  • Transformation Of Sentences
  • Transformation Of Sentences (Contd.)
  • Synthesis Of Sentences
  • Synthesis Of Sentences (Contd.)
  • Synthesis Of Sentences (Contd.)
  • The Sequence Of Tenses
  • Direct And Indirect Speech

Part II: Correct usage

  • Agreement Of The Verb With The Subject
  • Nouns And Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Conjunctions
  • Order Of Words
  • Idioms
  • Idioms
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling Rules
  • The Formation Of Words
  • Figures Of Speech

Part III: Structures

  • Verb Patterns
  • Question Tags, Short Answers, Etc.
  • More Structures

Part IV: Written Composition

  • Paragraph-writing
  • Story-writing
  • Reproduction Of A Story-poem
  • Letter-writing
  • Comprehension
  • Precis-writing
  • Expansion Of Passages
  • Essay-writing
  • Autobiographies
  • Dialogue-writing
  • The Appreciation Of Poetry
  • Paraphrasing

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