Important Banking Awareness English Notes 2019 PDF

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Important banking awareness pdf English Notes included banking and financial awareness for upcoming bank exams.

Banking Awareness PDF

What is the full form of ‘PCA’? – Prompt Corrective Action. ‘PCA’. PCA is a mechanism that will be forced by Reserve Bank of India upon banks that shows signs of stress which means the banks which have low capital  adequacy or high Non-performing Assets.

What is the full form of ‘GDR’? – Global  Depositary  Receipt. A  global depositary receipt (GDR) is a bank certificate issued in more than one country for shares in a foreign company. The shares are held by a foreign branch of an international bank. The shares trade as domestic shares but are offered for sale globally through the various bank branches.

Interest -Risk is a type of? – – Market risk. Interest Risk is a type of Market risk which is the potential for changes in interest rates to reduce a bank’s earnings and lower its net worth.

What is Credit risk? – Credit risk is associated with an investment where the borrower is not able to repay the amount to the lender.  This can occur on account of the poor financial condition of the borrower, and it represents a risk for the lender. [Indian Geography Notes] Bharat Ka Bhugol In Hindi

Bharatiya  Reserve  Bank  Note  Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL), subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India manages 2 Presses. The presses located at – one at Mysore in Karnataka and the other at Salboni in West Bengal.


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