India 2020 PDF | [New] India 2021 PDF

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India 2020 PDF is one of the best current affairs related book for Upcoming Exams. Now in 2021 many exams postponed but New India 2021 PDF will be available here. Keep Visiting us to Get India 2021 PDF.

Why do we read India 2020 PDF?

In many competitive exams, the Current affair is a big portion we need to prepare for. But the best source for GK and CA is India 2020 PDF. All the latest topic discussed according to the requirement. New Exam Pattern that is CET 2021-2022 will be introduced by the end of this year and there is a possibility to be happed. So, In this PDF India 2020, we will know every topic. For Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF Just Added.

Will India 2020 PDF be helpful for CET 2021-2022?

There is a big chance that all the current events and affairs will be asked from This Book that is India 2021 PDF. Now you can get India 2020 PDF Downloadable link from this site. It will be helpful for you to prepare for exams in this pandemic situation.

Where I can get The PDF of India 2020 and India 2021 Book?

You are in a right place to get your desire PDF that is India 2020 PDF and Upcoming India 2021 PDF.

Content of India 2020 PDF:

1. Land and the People
2. National Symbols
3. Polity
4. Agriculture
5. Culture and Tourism
6. Basic Economic Data
7. Commerce
8. Communications and Information Technology 9. Defence
10. Education
11. Energy
12. Environment
13. Finance
14. Corporate Affairs
15. Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs 16. Health and Family Welfare
17. Housing and Urban Affairs
18. India and the World
19. Industry
20. Law and Justice
21. Labour, Skill Development and Employment 22. Mass Communication
23. Planning
24. Rural Development
25. Scientific and Technological Developments 26. Transport
27. Water Resources
28. Welfare
29. Youth Affairs and Sports
30. States and Union Territories
31. Diary of National Events
32. General Information

Who publishes or the Publisher of the India 2020 Book PDF?


  • Book Name: India 2020
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF
  • Genre: Education
  • Pages: 908
  • Latest Edition: India 2021

Your desired link is here to get “India 2020 PDF” Download Now 2021.

New Updated Link for India 2021 PDF

As we all know that India 2020 is a govt. publishing book so that it is important for students.

The blockbuster edition comes with numerous additional sections that add excitement to the novel. Do you want to be the star of quizzes, projects, competitive exams, or something in between? If so, this round-up of all the latest years’ information has something for you. It is required reading for anyone who is interested in current events, as it contains timelines, essays, fact files, and lists of current events.

A powerful GK, Current Affairs, and a study guide for your reference books! If you want facts and data to make your decisions, if you are interested in increasing your general knowledge, and if you want to be kept updated on what’s happening in the world, you’ve come to the right place. It’s absolutely necessary for you to read this book.

This annual Yearbook & Infopedia is different every year. Each edition provides you with an abundance of up-to-date news, current affairs, fascinating facts, and a lot more about your chosen topics. This book is a must-have for every smart student who wants to remain on top of their game.

Do some preliminary research and see what it has to offer you. It could come in handy for reference, for projects, for homework, and so much more! In addition to facts and statistics on India and every country in the world, get a handle on everything else too! History timelines, Science basics, Literature info, Sports spotlights, and Award and prize winners are all included. Look out for these deals: the covid-19 round-up. a timeline of vaccine history; 45 points you should remember about the pandemic

Disclaimer: This book, pdf, has not been created or scanned by We provide the connection on the internet and the drive of Google. If it violates the law or has any problems, please email us to request that the connection is removed. We are not in favour of piracy.

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