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Lucent General Science PDF 2020 and Lucent Gk Book Free PDF Download Link Here.

Hello Everyone, Today we have brought you the Lucent’s General Science Book and Lucent Gk Book in Hindi and English some students mail us to share this book in the Hindi language. That’s because some people take the test through Hindi and some give it through English medium.

This Lucent General Science PDF 2020 Book has been prepared by Lucent  Publication and this book is very useful for Competitive Examinations. If you are preparing for any competitive exam then you can save this book with the download button below.

Why Lucent General Science PDF 2020 is important?

This General Science Book, you will find reading Complete Chapters of Biology (Physics) and Physics (Physics). Those students are preparing for PCS preliminary, IAS preliminary, SSC (Matric / Graduate), Railway Examinations, CSIR / NET, NDA, CDS, all of them have been recommended by this book and have proved to be a very useful book. for all. If you have not aware of the Budget 2019 Major highlights and Important Question for Exams please click to know the details. You must have to download General Knowledge Lucent Gk Book And Lucent General Science Free PDF books to prepare yourself for upcoming examinations.

Lucent General Science Questions in English 2020

Q.1: Who is known as ‘Bird Man of India’?
Ans: Dr. Salim Ali (famous Indian bird scientist)

Q.2: ‘Cuckoo’ is the state bird of which state? 
Ans: Jharkhand

Q.3: Which bird is said to be ‘nature’s helicopter’?
Ans: Hamming Bird

Q.4: Where is the habitat of the penguin bird?
Ans: Antarctica (southern pole)

Q.5: Which state of India has named all its tourist destinations in the name of birds?
Ans: Haryana

Q.6: Which of these sanctuaries of the green pigeon is found in Rajasthan?
Ans: Sariska Reserve (Alwar)

Q.7: Which bird is believed to be the symbol of peace?
Ans: Dove

Q.8: On which date is the national bird day celebrated?
Ans: November 12 (Date of birth of Dr. Salim Ali)

Q.9: Where is Ghana (Keoladeo) bird shelter located?
Ans: Bharatpur (Rajasthan)

Q.10: Which bird is famous for beautiful and clever eyes?
Ans: The miners

Q.11: Which bird nest represents an attractive sample of knitting art?
Ans: Baya

Q.12: Tell the name of the bird without fear?
Ans: Kiwi (New Zealand)

Q.13: Which bird are the smallest bird and the smallest egg?
Ans: Hamming Bird

Q.14: Which bird are the largest bird and the largest egg?
Ans: Ostrich

Q.15: Which bird does not ever make a nest?
Ans: Cuckoo

Q.16: Who are the singing birds?
Ans: Cuckoo, Papeah, Shyama

Q.17: What is the bird’s paradise called?
Ans: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Q.18: Which bird is called ‘Black Bird’?
Ans: Bulbul

Q.19: Which continent is considered the ‘continent of birds’?
Ans: Asia

Q.20: Which bird has been used as a messenger?
Ans: Dove

Q.21: What is the study of birds?
Ans: Aranyathology

Q.22: Name the national bird of India?
Ans: Peacock (Peacock)

Q.23: Where is the Kaber Lake Reserve located?
Ans: Begusarai (Bihar)

Q.24: The social trend is found in which bird?
Ans: In pigeon

Q.25: What is the ancestor of birds?
Ans: Reptiles

Q.26: What year was the first fossil of an ancestor of birds?
Ans: In 1861

Q.27: Who initiated the study of birds in the Indian subcontinent?
Ans: Dr. Salim Ali

Q.28: Which institution of India has made special contributions to research and study of birds?
Ans: Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)

Q.29: Who is the author of the book ‘Birds of India’?
Ans: Jordan

Q.30: Who are not flying birds – who are they?
Ans: Kiwi, Ostrich, Emu

Q.31: What is the name of India’s longest bird? 
Ans: Stork Crane

Q.32: Give examples of artisan birds?
Ans: Baya, Nansi, Darin, Phudki, Abbeel

Q.33: What are the names of birds cleansing?
Ans: Crow, eagle, vulture, owl

Q.34: Which bird sleeps while sleeping?
Ans: Tithir

Q.35: Who are the Junk Swazard Birds?
Ans: Bulbul, Pulley, Myna

Q.36: Who are the domestic birds?
Ans: Parrot, Manna, Duck, Chicken, Stork, Peacock, Ostrich

Q.37: What is the scientific name of pigeon?
Ans: Colamba Libia

Q.38: How many vashams are there in birds?
Ans: 4

Q.39: What is the name of the world’s tallest bird?
Ans: Ostrich (largest egg too)

Q.40: Who is the fastest running bird?
Ans: ostrich and swine tailed cavity

Q.41: Who is the bird that flies to the highest point of the world?
Ans: Vulture (30000 ft)

Q.42: Which bird is the national symbol of Spain?
Ans: Garuda

Q.43: Who is the wing of the highest wings?
Answer: Albestros

Q.44: Name the name of the heaviest bird to fly?
Ans: Corey Bustard (D. Africa)

Q.45: What kind of bird is there, who gives up his life in the separation of his partner?
Ans: Cranes

Q.46: Which is such a bird, whose head can look back even while it is in front?
Ans: Duck

Q.47: Who is the fastest flying bird in the world?
Ans: kg (48km in 1 hour)

Q.48: Which bird’s tail is four times longer in proportion to her body?
Ans: Sugar Word

Q.49: Which bird is kept on its neck in the water?
Ans: Darter or Snake Bird

Q.50: Which bird can carry animals like an elephant in its beak?
Answer: Sweet bird (lost)

Q.51: Which bird changes its color?
Ans: Camelian (Africa)

Q.52: Which bird’s shape is like slippers?
Ans: Valvastapalis paradox

Q.53: Which bird can speak the quote of any bird?
Ans: Nayanti Shrek

Q.54: Where do the birds commit suicide when they come to Maharashtra’s Thane district?
Ans: Moradabad

Q.55: If the crow is called a thief bird, then what is the owl called?
Ans: Watchman (Night Watchman)

Q.56: Which are the birds that eat the dead?
Ans: Crow, eagle, vulture

Q.57: Which are the birds called Bird Hunting?
Ans: Owl, falcon

Q.58: Which bird is known as Bacardi bird, which gives its prey to thorns?
Ans: Syriac

Q.59: Which bird weaving nests like weaver is called ‘Julaha Bird’ in English?
Ans: To Baya

Q.60: By what name is the bird of the Dinosaur era called?
Ans: Archeopteryx

Q.61: Where is the biggest bird in the world?
Ans: Peru (South America)

Q.62: Who is the longest flyer bird, which can be flying continuously for 3 to 4 years? 
Ans: Suitie Turn

Q.63: Where is India’s largest zoo?
Ans: Alipur (Kolkata)

Download Lucent General Science PDF 2020 and Lucent Gk Book

The size of this book is 41 MB and this book contains a Total of 447 pages which you can download very easily and save on your computer or mobile. The book includes five classes or segments like computers, physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. After the content, students will get some multi-option questions with each section with questions related to past exams for different examinations. Publishers have tried to do everything to ensure the zero number of errors within the book. It covers extensive topics and works as high-quality reference material for expectations.

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