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Modern History Spectrum PDF Book downloadable link for instant access. The latest version of the modern history spectrum pdf is important for civil service and other competitive exams.

Modern History Spectrum PDF New Edition by Rajiv Ahir. This is a 4.4 stars rated book on Flipkart.

New Edition listed on Flipkart by this Name – A Brief History Of Modern India – 2020-21/ Edition (Paperback, Rajiv Ahir)  (Paperback, Rajiv Ahir Author).

A Brief History Of Modern India is systematically divided into different chapters covering topics like Indian states, the evolution of the Nationalist Foreign Policy, the development of education and the Indian Press. At the end of each chapter, the brief summary provided ensures that readers get a recap of the important points.

Modern History Spectrum PDF Details:

It covers all movements which often came in exams. The most important points are :

1) It is very easy to understand.

2) everything is described in-story manner, which keeps your interest in it.

3) a wide range of topics covered.

4) very good for both IAS and State Civil Services.

5) Printing quality is also good.

A Brief History of spectrum modern history pdf English:

The history of modern India is so vast that one volume will not be enough to capture it. But this book manages to bring out the most essential aspects and incidents that occurred in modern India’s past. It begins with the revolt of 1857, detailing the reasons for the uprising, and goes right up to India claiming independence. The nationalist movement is covered in three different stages. The book also touches upon the various changes that the British government brought to India. It talks about its effect on the administration and the economy of India.

A Brief History of Modern India Spectrum PDF:

A Brief History Of Modern India also highlights the various reform movements that took place across the country by the tribals, workers, and peasants. It also talks about the civil rebellion and all those involved in it. The book even features a ready reference section. This covers the lives of famous personalities who played an important role in India’s fight for freedom. It also describes the yearly sessions of the Indian National Congress.

Spectrum Modern History Notes PDF:

Notes on Spectrum Modern History is available on Internet but I will request you to read this book once and then If Possible make your own notes. If there is a shortage of time then Comment below I will post the Spectrum Modern History Notes PDF link on another post. Here you will get the Modern History Spectrum PDF  book for free. Now try to buy the original book from the publisher.

Spectrum Modern India PDF/Objective Modern History Spectrum PDF:

It imparts the names and characteristics of the various viceroys and governors of India to its readers. Indian states, the evolution of the Nationalist Foreign Policy, the development of education, and the Indian Press are all subjects covered by different chapters in A Brief History of Modern India. The conclusion of each chapter ends with a summary of the key points so that readers can quickly return to important information.

Modern History Spectrum PDF Highlight:

Book Name: A Brief History Of Modern India – 2020-21/ Edition
Publisher: Spectrum Book Pvt
PDF Download Link Available
Pages 888
Format PDF

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