Shankar IAS Environment 7th Edition PDF

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Shankar IAS Environment 7th Edition PDF is the Latest Version of the Environment Book. It’s the 7th edition that has been revised and released in November of 2019. Everything is absolutely perfect. Premium UPSC Civil Services materials available The book’s quality is decent. Millions of students have already read this book, according to the publisher.


Shankar IAS Environment 7th Edition PDF

Download the latest Shankar IAS Academy’s 2021 edition Shankar IAS Environment book which is the latest 7th edition of this book, and the publisher of the book is Shankar IAS Academy. The link where you can download this book for free is also provided. Abhinay Maths Class Notes PDF in Hindi

The environment can be defined as all things (elements, conditions, objects, etc.) one is surrounded by. If you’re preparing for the civil services examinations, it’s imperative that you understand the environment thoroughly. Rakesh Yadav English Class Notes Download PDF Free Today

Shankar IAS Environment 7th Edition PDF in Hindi:

The language of the PDF in English. We will let you know if there is any PDF of Shankar Ias Environment 7th Edition in Hindi. But for those who are preparing for IAS, This is a good book for them to know about Environment. Actually, many teachers follow this book and also they recommend this Shankar Ias Environment 7th Edition Book.

Shankar IAS Environment 8th Edition PDF 2021:

The latest and Update version of Shankar IAS Environment Subject released this year. Now this book is widely available in the market. It uses simple and attractive language. This book has been written in simple language without any errors on the part of the Shankar IAS team. There are millions of students who have read this book so far.

  • Author: Shankar IAS academy
  • 488 Pages
  • Language: English

ENVIRONMENT 7th Revised Edition By Shankar IAS Academy pDF

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Shankar IAS Environment 7th Edition PDF Free:

This book is not a Free Book. You have to buy it from Market but Nowadays A PDF copy of Shankar Ias Environment 7th Edition PDF is available. Recent Environment By Shankar (8th) Revised Edition (2021) PDF Free version will be available soon. We are now providing you a link to download the PDF Book.

Environmental ecology, food chain, Climate change, and biodiversity are some of the things it focuses on. Biome, ecological pyramid, deciduous monsoon forest, breadbasket region, ecosystem rainforest are some of the subjects covered in the book.

Shankar IAS Environment Topic:

Part 1- Environmental Ecology

  • Ecology
  • Functions of an Ecosystem
  • Terrestrial ecosystem
  • Aquatic ecosystem
  • Environmental pollution
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental issues
  • Environmental impact assessment

Part 2- Biodiversity

  • Biodiversity
  • Indian biodiversity
  • Schedule Animals of WPA, 1972
  • Animal diversity of India
  • Plant diversity of India
  • Marine organism
  • Protected area network
  • Conservation efforts

Part 3- Climate Change

  • Climate change
  • Ocean acidification
  • Ocean depletion
  • Impact climate change- India
  • Mitigation strategies
  • India and climate change
  • Climate change organisations

Part 4- Agriculture

  • Agriculture
  • Acts and policies
  • Institutions and measures
  • Environmental organisations
  • International environmental conventions
  • Environment issues and health effects


To choose the environment as a subject in the examination, the candidate must then prepare the environment section completely, which can be achieved by ensuring that he has all the resources required to succeed in the examinations and that he is provided with sufficient study material and books. This Shankar IAS environment 6th edition pdf is created especially for those who are taking the test.

Shankar IAS Environment 8th Edition PDF Download Now

Shankar IAS Environment 7th Edition PDF Download Now

Shankar IAS Environment 6th Edition PDF Download Now

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